Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Well Hello Hello Hello

Hey hey hey everyone! I am back! It has been far too long since my last post...or DIY project for that matter. This past spring was chaotic to say the least....For the past four years, I have been coaching a local high school's girls' lacrosse team. Normally this wouldn't be a huge jam in my schedule, but this year, in what can only be called ridiculous, I had THREE different nannies back out on me in the first 2 weeks of the season. No my children aren't just seemed to be a series of unfortunate events. A mother's helper near my field felt overwhelmed after her very first day, a student from the local university lost access to a car for transport and lastly, the next student got an ultimatum from a parent to focus on school and nothing else (to be fair this was before she started for me). So you can imagine the chaos of juggling the two bambinos and preparing a team for it's season. A few weeks in, I lucked out with a high school senior who had the afternoons free! BONUS!

Now all seemed to be back on track and then BAM! My very first major injury courtesy of a decorative Pottery Barn plate (just the plug PB wants.....he he he). Long story very short (let's save the gory details), the plate broke while I was cleaning and I threw the pieces in our trash to be immediately taken to the basement. Well wouldn't you have it, I got side tracked and forgot all about that plate lurking in the kitchen trash bin. A few hours later while racing to put away groceries and prep lunch for a friend who was stopping by, I frantically yanked that garbage bag out and cut right through the base of my thumb. It was a day of firsts: first time passing out, first time having an emergency home alone with the boys, first time for stitches etc etc etc. Needless to say I was down to one operating hand for a few weeks which isn't pretty when you are wrestling a VERY strong baby with a level 5 diaper (yes, we rank the severity of diapers in our house)!! So again.....the projects were tossed to the wayside a bit. I could barely make a bottle, let alone operate a glue gun!

I am telling you all this because once things got back on track and my schedule let up a bit, I didn't really know how to jump back in to everything. I think in a way I sort of forgot how to make the time in my day to conquer some of my projects. Instead of using the boys nap time, I found myself outside tinkering in my garden. The last few days I have started up some new projects and I have found myself re-energized to get back on that decor pony! So stay tuned.....I have a few posts in the pipeline this week. I hope you all have been well! Toodles for now!


  1. Welcome back! Hope your thumb is healed...Love your blog and look forward to seeing your next post!


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