Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why Outdoor Furniture Sometimes Works Indoors

The Hubs is amazing for a lot of reasons and this is just an addition to that long list! Recently Bray received an outdoor rope swing as a gift from his Grampy. We were struggling with a location in the yard to hang it and out of left field, Hubs suggests we put it in his room! Of course, Ms. Practicality immediately starts asking questions on whether the ceiling can support the weight, blah blah blah....having no idea that the wheels were already turning inside his head!

Ultimately, using the leftover beams from our sandbox project, the Hubs created a post and beam knee brace to support the swing from the wall.

This will give you an idea of how he secured the top piece to the side piece! By adding the diagonal brace, the weight from the swing is spread across the entire structure. This eliminates all the weight hanging from one spot and increases the amount of weight the swing can handle. In fact, Bray and I both get in it and read!

I just love the way it turned out and it adds a little more whimsy to his room!

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  1. Hi Colleen, I love it! What kid wouldn't want his own swing in a room? Your little one reminds me of mine. It was getting to be ridiculous what they wanted to take to bed with them. Then one day, they wanted nothing but blankies.

    P.S. I felt awfully flattered to see my blog on your list today. Thank you!


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