Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fabric "Flower" Lampshade

The fall air is settling in here and I am loving it. I think this weekend will kick off the fall decorating. I am seeing mums, hay bales and pumpkins galore in my future! In the meantime, I have been working on a lot of smaller projects around. It's amazing how the change in weather has sort of kicked me in to gear again.

This project is super simple and everything was free. In fact, I am pretty sure anyone who owns a glue gun can pull this baby off without spending a dime. All you will need is a lamp shade of your choice and some leftover fabric (be creative here, old t-shirts work too!).

To start, I pulled out the leftover fabric from Bray's upholstered headboard and began to cut it into long strips about 2-3 inches wide. I purposefully cut strips that would show both the white and yellow cabana stripes of the fabric. Once Bessie, my trusty glue gun, was warmed and ready I squeezed a small pool of glue in the center of the lampshade. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise and push one end into the pooled glue and hold until secure.

Now, working in a circular fashion, drop a bit of glue and press down your fabric. I twisted and manipulated the fabric so that it wouldn't look perfectly round. I wanted it to look like a flower.

Continue to work your way around until you reach the end of your fabric strip. With the last bit, I tucked it under the round of fabric I laid before it so that the frayed ends wouldn't show.

You can make one large "flower" or multiple smaller ones. Either way I think it would look sweet. This technique can also be used for a toss pillow or even curtains! Could you imagine panels with these cascading down it.....maybe in a nursery? For me, I wanted something for my new desk/crafting area.

Yippee! I love it and it brings in a little yellow (seriously becoming one of my favorite colors around here!)

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  1. I love it, such a cute lampshade and none the less I love all things yellow.

    And I think this weekend I see some fall decorating going on at my house also :)


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