Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I don't always mention my two older children here.....but years before Bray and Miles joined this family, I was already a Mom to two rather adorable, hairy boys: Lucky and Curly. Lucky arrived first by way of a dumpster in Nashville, TN. At 6 weeks old, a police officer working a detail heard his squeals and rescued him from a fate I cannot even think about with out crying. His condition was poor and he was slated for euthanasia (welling up). A wonderful rescue ( snagged him from that shelter when they saw how special he was. They healed him physically and began to heal him emotionally when somehow we found each other. To look at him now, one couldn't even tell what he went through in those first weeks of life. The officer who found him wrote the name "Lucky" on his report (which I have a copy of) and I could not bring myself to call him anything but when he finally came home.

Look at that mug!
He was so proud when his new baby brother came home.

Curly found his way to us by way of Baton Rouge, LA. His birth momma was a stray and a day or two after arriving at the shelter there, she gave birth to a little of 11 puppies!!! She was emaciated, but somehow these puppies fought hard and ALL survived. It was about this time, we started talking about adopting again and I sent a feeler email to the rescue about number 2! A half hour later, the woman who had been involved with rescuing Lucky sent me an email with a shot of an adorable puppy. She knew Lucky well and was convinced this puppy would be a perfect fit for all of us. She was so undeniably right. From the moment we set him down on the floor next to Lucky the two have been inseparable.

So while sitting in the yard this past weekend and watching Miles and Bray roll around on the grass with Lucky and Curly, I realized we didn't have a silhouette of the pooches up on the wall! Flash forward to me running around the yard trying to get a "profile" shot of each dog. Most of the shots came out as blurs, but I was able to get a few that showed their body in profile.

The Hubs had made some boards for me out of scrap plywood in our workshop. He just cut them into smaller rectangles and routed the edges. I painted these Dover White (also leftover from our trim) and used the same technique as the child's silhouette. I transferred the outline to the wood board instead of black paper to be cut out. Then I just painted the outline in black paint (and filled it in).

I ended up using an older pic of Lucky seated.
I stenciled in their names using the same transfer technique in Albany font. With a picture frame mount attached to the back, these babies made their way on to the wall! Love!

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