Thursday, December 16, 2010

Repurposing - 'Tis the Season

Quick post with a fun little idea that is light on the wallet and the time clock. I love finding items, antique or new, and then repurposing them in an offbeat, unique way. I am really into the look of antique shutters.....this gal is a total sucker for some chippy paint! I had purchased a few to hang up in the new house simply for the look of them, never expecting for them to become a functional piece in our home. The idea came about when we came home from the hospital after Miles was born and we were inundated with cards from family and friends filled with congrats and well wishes. I wanted to display them and with a toddler running around, placing them on a table or shelf wasn't flying. Hence the card shutter was born. Now for every holiday card, invitation or fun picture we have, there is a home to display it!


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