Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How to Create Wall Quotes

In my current obsession with the vinyl lettering all over Etsy right  now, I was trying to find a way that I could create the same look without breaking the bank. There had to be a DIY version so I began my investigation two minute online search. I found lots of letter stencils, but again that would become pricey for the quotes I had in mind. I began to consider free hand writing it.......which would require an extremely steady hand and uber patience....neither of which I am blessed with. Lo and behold....da.da.daaaaa....there were quite a few places that made homemade "carbon" paper. Emily of Jones Design and Janell of Isabella & Max Rooms both had great ideas on easy ways to create quotes for your walls.

I had two areas to conquer and both would employ slight variations of the same technique. To start, I used the Word program on my computer. I really love the Bookman Old Style font so I typed out both of my quotes in size 200 (yes, 2 hundy!). Especially if this is your first go with this, go big or go home! It was much easier with a little bit of a larger font. (I cannot fathom anything smaller....at least right now as a newbie!)

Printed in "landscape" to accommodate the length of each word, I turned the printed pages over and lightly rubbed chalk over the backs of each word. Next simply cut out each word and tape to the wall or area that you wish to transfer to.

Now the somewhat tedious portion of this project. Using a pencil, trace the outline of each letter. I am inpatient so I of course peeked after the first word!

Don't worry about any excess chalk that rubs off on the wall. A quick wipe of a slightly damp cloth will remove it when all is said and done. Once I had transferred the entire quote, I went back over it....eh hem...free hand (eeeekkkkkk) with some white leftover wall paint we had. While ranting over and over in my head that I could paint over any screw ups, I found that if I anchored the meaty part of my palm and my forearm on the wall, I could actually stay within the lines. A little while later.....

Next up was a small addition to the laundry nook. Here I used the same technique, but instead of chalk as my transfer medium, I used a pencil. I did this because unlike the dark chocolate walls of our family bathroom, the laundry nook is light yellow and white.

Again, I taped up my words and traced each letter. This time I used black paint (same font).

Just a little something extra in each space! I am already thinking about using the same technique for signs for our garden!


  1. I love the saying!!!!!! You are sooooo handyyyyy!!!

  2. I love it..Love it..Love it..Thanks soooo much for the tutorial..I also love the sayings you picked..Can't wait for what ya have up your sleeve next..LOL

  3. Hahaha! Funny as heck quote in the laundry room. A nice reminder to get it done.

  4. Colleen,
    I love your teaching style! You make me turn off Dancing With The Stars and paint wall quotes in every room! We live in a rental and painting an entire room isn't necessarily an option but you've got me thinking I can do this! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. @Noelle

    Thanks Noelle!! I was so surprised at how easy this was!!

  6. @janet

    Thanks! I actually just saw a bathroom and a nursery with song lyrics floating around the entire room! Gets my noggin' thinking!!

  7. @The Vintique Object

    HAHA! Everyone who goes in there comes out chuckling!

  8. @Brandy

    Ahhhh....I have not watched a single episode this season. I was previously a bit obsessed! HAHA!


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