Monday, April 25, 2011

A Little Fabric Can Go a Long Way

Sometimes I am amazed at how a small and simple change can impact a room so significantly. I was sort of craving something graphic and contrasting in our bedroom and could not put my finger on what wasn't working. It wasn't until I noticed some fantastic fabric in the sale bin at our local crafts store that my brain started thinking. I knew I wanted to use it for euro shams and once I saw those on the bed, I realized that I wanted more of it.

After scanning the room, I realized that there was a lot of monochromatic action along my dresser and one glance at the lamp made my heart skip a beat.

I originally scored this West Elm lamp years ago at a yard sale and I added in the plain white square shade from Target. Glue gun ready, it was a snap to apply the fabric. I worked in small sections and literally just wrapped a rectangular swath of fabric around the exterior of the shade. Since it was a perfect square without any tapering, I just had to dab glue and press down around the entire upper and lower rim.

Yippee! Much better and exactly the pop the dresser needed. Stay tuned for more small makeovers in this room!


  1. i was just thinking i hadn't seen a blog of yours in a little while! i just love your blog! you always have the best ideas and they are always so inexpensive! i'm excited to see how the rest of the room turns out when it's finished! : )

  2. @Jessica

    Thanks so much!! Things have been a little hectic around here (I coach girls lacrosse in the spring) and I am missing blogging BIG time!! Hopefully going to get a few projects up this week! Woohoo!


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