Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Updating a Piece...Again!

Ever get that nagging feeling when a piece of furniture is just not working for you? Maybe it's the spot it's in, or the color of it, or the hardware.....but something is just. not. right. I have been having this sort of love/hate affair with the highboy dresser turned bar console in our dining room. Let me take you on a brief tour down memory lane........

A friend of mine found this cute little dresser on craigslist and immediately sent me the listing. It was love at first sight and after looking it over I knew it would be turned into a bar. After loading it up with stemless glasses and wine paraphernalia, I was even more in love with it....until......the corner it was sitting in didn't feel like it was noticeable. I had worked hard on it and I wanted to have it stand out more. I didn't want people to look and think...."Gah......why is there a dresser in here". After facing a disaster with yellow paint (don't ask), I realized that by stenciling some numbers along the drawers, the piece had a lot more personality.

This brings me to the present day, when for over a week I kept rambling on about how it wasn't quite right. I saw some pieces that used the same idea but with the numbers as words. I particularly liked the scrolling script on this piece by Molly Susan Strong!

Call it one too many viewings of Ratatouille with the boys, but I found a way for me to be happy again when I glance over at that lil' dresser!

Notice the missing wine bottles underneath....Mama needs to stock back up!
I used the same technique from creating wall quotes and rubbed over the lettering with a fine grit sandpaper after it dried. It looks slightly aged and stands out in the corner. Exactly what I was looking for!


  1. Oh, i love the french writing look. It's so visually fun and pretty. Great idea!


  2. Yes! That really, really works. I think it's fun and even more unique. I know, things can't be 'more' unique, but you know what I mean.


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