Monday, March 14, 2011

How to Turn a "Miss" Into a "Hit"

Ever have those moments where you find yourself staring at something in particular in your home and thinking it "needed" a little something extra? After putting up my PB Inspired Knock Off Drapes, I found myself staring at the DIY bar and thinking how cute it might look with some accent paint. I went through a few different scenarios and ultimately chose a light yellow border for the drawers. Oh and if you can't already see the MISS that is coming up.....well, brace yourself.

I went ahead and busted out the painting tape and taped off the drawers in the rectangular border that I wanted.

I read about a tip somewhere (ages ago....sorry I don't have the link) that you can paint over the tape with the base paint (in this case black) so that the accent paint color doesn't bleed under the tape edges. Sounds genius and I believe it probably is. So....

I did just that and waited patiently for about 2 hours. Next up I hit it with the yellow color I selected and then immediately began to remove the tape. Removing the tape while the paint is still wet will ensure clean lines. Enter Problemo Numero Uno: the underlying black paint was lifting off with the tape and reeking havoc along the no longer clean and straight lines of yellow. I don't know if there was something wrong with the paint (maybe it was too old?) or perhaps the technique which I applied it (globbing it on?), but either way it was a bit messy of a finish.

After some paintbrush love and a little black antiquing glaze, I was left with this:

Cute? Maybe.....really it just wasn't working for me. Maybe the contrast was too much. Maybe the border lines were too thick. Not sure, but I let myself live with it for the weekend to see if it grew on me. The only thing that grew though was my overwhelming urge to cover it up and start over.

I grabbed the black paint and painted right back over those lines and immediately breathed a sigh of relief. Yet.......still this morning when I came down to make some coffee, there it sat....and I still felt compelled to do something....Then I remembered some pictures that I saw online of people numbering their wooden stairs (which is UBER cute, may I add). I broke out my number stencils from when I labeled my recycling bins and.......

Love the leftover wine from the weekend!

I sort of love it. A little quirky and it definitely draws your eye to the bar. I am going to live with it for a few days and see how I feel, but I think I may have just turned this "miss" into a "hit" for this family.


  1. I love your courage! You won't know if you don't try!!!!! I like the numbers, and the stripes weren't so bad either!

  2. Great idea to live with things for awhile before making a change -- I have to tell you, I almost never like anything I do or bring into the house at first. Why IS that?

  3. I love the numbers on the front..What a difference..Lovely..

  4. LOVE it!!!!

    I found you via The Nester and I love that you take risks! I've lived a lifetime of design (and maybe other) risks that had me stepping back and saying "oops" or "eehh" but when you get that one "yippee!!" it is totally worth it.

    I love your blog and I can't wait to turn on The Bachelor Finale and ignore it while I peruse your old posts.

    If you ever get a chance, visit my blog,

    It doesn't have a whole lotta design going on because I am embarrassed of my iphone pics. Maybe that's the risk I need to take...hmmmmm

    Thanks! Brandy

  5. Brandy- I love your blog. What a great current post you have. The spoons are amazing. Something like that goes so beyond decor. My oldest son, Braydon, is using a table and bench set that my Grandpa made me when I was his age. It's the sweetest and most treasured piece I have. Thanks for your visit and I will be stopping by your place often!!

  6. I love it! I am glad you painted over the border also!

  7. LOVE the final product so much!!!!

  8. My Husband does a lot of painting and is very good at it. For this type of treatment he would use this special green painters tape...I think it is called turtle tape or something. It has a chemical reaction that when you paint over the tape it seals the edges and it doesn't pulll off the paint underneath. Also, the trick is to pull off the tape right away not to wait. Otherwise the paint starts to stick to it.

    Hope that helps.

  9. Carrie-

    You are awesome. I am looking online now. Is it frog tape?? That seems to be popping up! I am soooo trying this asap!! Hmmmm looks like they have it at my craft store too! Thanks so much!!

  10. Love the numbers! Good tips in the comments, too!

  11. Wow - you have been busy. First the chair, now this! I love the numbers...they add just enough interest without being as intense as the yellow. Way to stick with it and turn your "oops" into something even better. Thanks everyone else for the great tips in the comments section - I will be trying some of these out for sure!

  12. I LOVE this dresser makeover. It reminds me of an Anthro piece I've had bookmarked forever. :)

  13. Hey Colleen! Super cute blog. Found you on the nester...what's funny is I have the same font on my postings, the same dresser...and the same left over wine from the weekend! Ha! Love the #s on the dresser...might have to try it on mine, too!

  14. Gracias Ladies!! This dresser is so cheery now. Makes me smile!

    @haven- LOVE your blog. Your post about your pillow obsession confirms that we were meant to be blog buddies! The Hubs often jokes that he "needs to head to bed soon" when it's only like he allows enough time to meticulously take all the pillows off our bed! Oh and I LOVE that brass bed with the plate wall above it. Precious!


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