Monday, March 14, 2011

DIY Child's Silhouette

As a relatively new mommy, I have been coveting the cute lil' silhouettes I have been seeing from the blogging world to my sister-in-law's hallway! I think they are simply precious and a lil' ole' school to boot. And like many new moms that see them and think "soooo cute, must have" I began to look at different blogs and sites to find the best "how to" out there! There were many options, but I really liked Living with Lindsay's tutorial. So armed with my camera, I set out to capture a sweet profile of Braydon and Miles. Flash forward to twenty minutes later while I am trying to simultaneously turn Miles head and use my other hand to flash a rapid succession of a kajillion photos. Plan B.....hop on my online album and snag a shot. I mean, I take pictures of these two bambinos daily, so there had to be some profile shots in there somewhere!



Voila! Way easier than harassing my children staging a photo shoot. I printed out 4 x 6 copies of each photo in black and white (save the color ink peeps!!) and readied my supplies.

Photos, scissors, black construction paper, crafting glue and some cheapy Goodwill frames ($0.99 each). I cut out each child being careful around the lips and nose so that the detail there would carry over. Another little hint is to cut the neckline in a scoop rather than a harsh line. 

"real" shot on right, traced version on left
Another little hint is to add some luscious eye lashes on the cut out version. I free hand drew some in. These children were blessed with gawjus lashes, but that didn't quite transfer in the photo and without them added in then you miss that depth to the silhouette. 

See the eyelashes!!
I repeated the same process for Miles, but I felt the need to add a little something extra to differentiate the two. Enter Miles naturally growing faux hawk. This kid is growing his own DIY version of the popular faux hawk. I figured since we laugh about it now, why not add that humor to this shot too!

Braydon (left), Miles (right)

Lastly I applied a few light dots of my crafting glue and adhered them to some white card stock. A little Windex to clean up my Goodwill frames......

Love love love. I am contemplating two different spots in the house.....Need. To. Decide. Oh and because I felt I couldn't waste those sweet lil' floating baby heads.....

Notice Miles is exclaiming "Mom Rocks"!! Moohahahahahahahaha!!

UPDATE! I found a spot to hang my "cuties". I decided to place them with the spoon they each had their first solid food with!


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