Sunday, October 31, 2010

Big Boy Redo Etc Etc

As mentioned in the previous post, I have been really itching to change up my oldest son's bedroom decor to reflect his maturing taste. I mean he is now 18 hemmmmmmm. Often times it's the littlest things that can be changed out of a room to dramatically change the feel of a space. Always consider swapping out curtains or frames or lamps before deciding to go buck wild and paint, change flooring or take a sledgehammer out! (Do I sound like I am speaking from experience....maybe!) So I went ahead and decided to create some subtle changes that would keep it affordable and that I wouldn't cry over when inevitably he decides he wants something different. In my first post about his room, I covered a drum shade we had in our basement storage with some sale bin fabric!

Next I decided his dresser needed a little pizazzing. Let's get real for a no point does my son think anything of these changes. He was just as pizazzed before as he is now! I couldn't help myself though. We had two leftover lamps in our basement from our condo that were just sitting around as they don't have a home here in the new abode. I decided I would paint them with a gloss Valspar red spray paint. Such an easy thing that really makes an impact. To start, I taped off the areas of the lamp that I wanted to protect, namely the top and the cord.

Next, I sprayed an even coat of the red gloss paint. I believe thin light coats are the best way to attack an object. By applying thin coats, you can prevent any clumping or dripping that can occur when coats are too thick.

I typically allow for at least 24 hours drying time, although the can only recommends 4 hrs. Often if you are doing these types of projects in basements or garages, as I do, the temperature and humidity levels vary. These differences can account for differences in drying times. Just some food for thought.

Remember that striped fabric from the drum shade, well I wanted to utilize it again with these lamps. I purchased 2 drum shades at Target for $7.99 each. I will be putting together a detailed post on how to handle covering these types of lamp shades as they are not a perfect drum.

In order to vary them up just a little from the overhanging drum shade, I used the navy grosgrain ribbon to create seams along the shade.

And now for the subtle before and after shots.

Pretty cute change, right? The quote on the wall is from the Dr. Seuss classic "Oh the Places You Will Go". It is from the last page of the book. The cute wall decal was found on etsy.

Anilu Enterprises

She can do custom quotes that don't break the bank. Plus she is really fast with the turn around!

Stay tuned to learn how to cover these drum shades!

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  1. This is genius! Bray's room looks fantastic. I love what you did with the old lamps. So creative!


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