Friday, October 22, 2010

East Sandwich = Yumminess!

So as mentioned in my very first post, last weekend was spent with some friends at a beach house in East Sandwich. Before departing for our mini vacay, I perused Craigslist (I am officially a stalker on there) to see what may be happening for barn and estate sales down on the Cape. I happened upon a listing that offered the entire contents of a house for sale from 3-4 PM and then from 4-5 PM everything would be free. FREE? No way.....but instantly incited some huge fantasies about vintage buffets and distressed, wrought iron beds. Ok so I embellished a little in my mind! Anyways, turns out that there had been an elderly man who had moved out to assisted living and his family just wanted to liquidate the estate immediately since they live out of town. Now the image in my mind clearly didn't match up when I pulled up to see people running up and down the front steps of this house as if the very items in their arms would turn into dust if they were not rushed to the safety of their car. Ugh! Immediately some items sitting in the driveway caught my eye so we rushed into the house to find that there was literally nothing left. People were in there scavenging remnants of paper towel holders and old hangers out of closets. Seriously. I found the man in charge and asked about the cute yellow vintage dresser in the driveway. He sort of took a deep breath and said that he really wanted some money for that. I was about to remind him that at 4:37 PM it technically had been listed as free, but he then rushed to tell me that it would be at least $10. Suppressing a hysterical giggle from deep within, I agreed to his steep price and had him haul the dresser into the back of my truck! It is going to be perfect in Miles' room! I am going to refinish it this weekend with some crackle glaze to really bring more of an antique vibe to it.

I also picked up a wooden plant stand and a great arm chair for our home office. All in all, we drove home with a truck full of furniture and I was only $18 lighter in the wallet. I am going to sand down the stand and chair and paint them in a matching color (as of yet undecided) to place in our home office. Depending on the motivation level in the next few days, I will post after pics by Sunday!! Here's to a weekend of getting down and dirty with some sandpaper and paint!


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