Friday, October 29, 2010

Cheap and Easy......Me Likey

I cannot in any way shape or form take credit for this snazzy one. I happened to see this on The Nate Berkus Show earlier this week and what can I say.......I had to try it. I mean it had all the pluses a gal like me adores: inexpensive, easy and chic. It's not often you can slam those three adjectives in a grouping! Needless to say it was all that and more. I have been thinking about a table runner for our dining room table. Something slightly rustic that would perhaps induce thoughts of turkey and the upcoming holiday? Flash forward to me perusing the burlap selection at our local crafts store. I had no idea burlap came in so many shades and it gives me ideas for other holidays/times of year. I went with 2 yards for our table and the total came to just over $5. The rest was simple labor (ok so I sat at the kitchen table and slowly picked at it while sipping some get the point).

By pulling at the end threads, you can create the look you want. Pull a lot of threads or a little, pull from both ends or maybe just the sides. I decided to pull both from the ends and the sides.

Add some fall decor and voila, the table is set!


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