Saturday, October 30, 2010

Big Boy Redo

I have been struggling with how to transition Munchkin Numero Uno into a more "big boy-esque" room. He just doesn't jive anymore with the baby bedding and decor we had rockin' in his nursery. I just wanted to move into something that can grow with him. Since his walls were painted a robin's egg blue, I thought some navy and white accents might work well. So for my first change up, I am attacking the lighting in his room. I wanted something above his bed as an accent piece and something for his dresser. Then the light bulb went off (in my head) and I remembered that we had a drum pendant light in the basement storage and 2 old lamps. The drum was just a basic cream shade so I immediately went to work looking for a fabric to cover it with. Dum da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I found a great navy/white stripe fabric on sale for $5/yd! I grabbed some matching navy grosgrain ribbon while I was at the store as well. The perfect drum shape made it extremely easy to wrap the fabric around. Armed with my glue gun, I simply applied a light line of fabric glue around the top and bottom rim of the shade. In order to avoid unsightly edges or fray, I folded the edges of the fabric under. In order to keep everything set and lined up, I used some small clamps around the rim. These are essential in this project to help line up the edges and maintain consistency along the crease. I also used paper clips since we have those readily available in our desk!

I realized pretty quickly that the fabric was not wide enough to wrap one continuous piece of fabric around the shade. Since I found this fabric on sale I decided to make it work, but you could just as easily purchase fabric that is wider on the bolt. I got a little 5th grade math geek on it and used the diameter to find the circumference and then just divided in half. I then cut my fabric into two even lengths and glued each piece on.
In order to hide the seams, where the two fabric pieces meet, I applied the grosgrain ribbon.

I love the look of it already and cannot wait to hang it tomorrow. Stay tuned for the matching lamps for his dresser!


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