Sunday, November 14, 2010

Oh The Drama

I was hoping to have the dining room makeover completed by the end of this weekend, but alas it was not meant to be. I can't really complain though considering how well everything seems to have come together on this large undertaking. As I mentioned, I was given 8 antique dining room chairs. Ahhhhhhhhh and did I mention they ALL needed a little TLC in my workshop. So the weekend was spent gluing, nailing and sanding to ensure these chairs could not only look the part, but survive an active family using and abusing them daily. Every chair needed some lovin', a loose spindle here, a wobbly leg there. I must say though, that they are really starting to take on the look I want. There were only 2 chairs out of the lot I decided against painting. I wanted something to break up the white. Here are some inspiration shots for this look:

So flippin' fantastic. I love how the look seems sophisticated without an air of hoity toity-ness. Relaxed, yet screaming for a dinner party, oui?

For my look, I am loving how the chairs all have different heights and each chair has a unique character.

The pads of a few seats were actually stuffed with horse hair. Yikes! I quickly broke the seat pads down to be reupholstered and as part of the much needed face lift, some new, fluffy batting from the craft store. I decided to paint the chairs Dover White (which is the same color as our media center) to break up the darkness of both the table and the bar.

As for the fabric for the seat pads.....I was craving an updated farmhouse look. I happened to find some fabulous sale fabric last weekend and grabbed a few samples. I figured I would use them either on this project or another. They look like they are going to be the perfect compliment!

The chairs are simply begging for another coat of paint so I am signing off on my way to the workshop! Patience is a virtue! Ahhhhhhhhh.......................

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  1. I am loving how this chair collection is coming together. The fabric you chose is great...coordinated but not matchy. So nice!


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