Friday, November 19, 2010

Wreath 101

Do I have a thrifty, little crafting delight for you!! I was looking at some different ideas for a decorative wreath for our front door. I wanted something that had a lot of pow to it considering our door is apple red in color. I think a wreath of pine cones may just get lost on it. You would never be able to see it from the road and really that is sort of the point of putting any decoration on the exterior of the house!

I stumbled on a few GREAT sites, but this one blew me away.  I love all the different looks here. What neat, inexpensive lil' gems!

To get started I pulled out my supplies. After realizing that I did not have a styrofoam wreath lying

Yes....yes that is a pizza box. I figured no one can say this project isn't "green", right?

To begin, find an old magazine (buh bye Salma) and rip full sheets of paper out of it. For the scale I was going for, I cut these pieces in half. Next I prepared the base by simply cutting out my desired wreath shape from the pizza box. I went with a medium sized circle.

Two key points to make here. Fold the paper however you like. An accordion, a hand name it.

Place little dabs of glue in each fold to hold this shape. Secondly, flip your wreath over and apply one layer of these folded pieces to the outer circle of the wreath. This will give a little extra fluff when you start applying the bulk of your paper pieces to the front of the wreath.

From here on out just work in layers and add as many pieces as needed to create your desired shape and look.

To hang it on the door itself, I used a little grosgrain ribbon in a loop. Hang it from a wreath hook anddddddd.......

Love!! And considering I used things I already have, this could not have been more economically conservative! Happy crafting people!!


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