Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shadow Boxin'

Hello everyone. So sorry for the long delay between posts. The tryptophan got to me and with 2 Turkey Days celebrated, I OD'ed a little! I hope everyone enjoyed the mirth and merriment. Things have been fairly quiet here at Casa de Farias. Christmas decor is being broken out this upcoming weekend and I CANNOT WAIT. This year we are getting 2 trees 'cuz Mama said so! I want a traditional tree to decorate in the house, but I also want a tree done in silver and white for our farmer's porch. So this weekend we will bundle up the kids, get a few cups of hot chocho and march out in to the woods at Magnusson Farm to cut down our own trees. (Secretly I am looking at the end of this season to invest in some fake trees. As each year passes I am feeling more and more sad about how wasteful it feels to cut down a living tree for a few weeks. Maybe we will do a fake tree next year and just a whole lot of evergreen scented candles? )

Anywho, I finally got around to decorating the shadow boxes I had and let me just say....me likey! If you remember, I had posted some shots of ones that inspired me. This one in particular was catching me eye.

And this one.....

So I printed out some moorish tile printed paper and broke out some costume jewelry from many moons ago and got crackin'. With just some push pins I was able to secure both the paper and the jewelry in the boxes. I also thought it looked a little more graphic with different styles of the printed paper. So in one I expanded the tile print in my Paint program in my computer.

I just kept within a certain design. In this case, I used all jewelry that was gold and coral. The center box is just a beaded necklace twirled around a gold and coral antique broach. The best part is that I can easily change this out as it is just pins holding it all together.

I am still highly motivated to attempt the boxes with the crayon initials for the boys rooms. That may require a trip to the store for extra crayons!


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