Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bright and Light in the Master Bedroom

I am suddenly aware of two major truths in my life. One being that I am certifiably coo coo cachoo at times and two being that the Hubs is a saint! He came home yesterday to find that I had set up a staging area in our bedroom for furniture painting. Gingerly stepping through mounds of folded clothes on our floor, he perused the midpoint of my "project" and exclaimed, "I like it!". Phew! To be fair, I did ask if he would be ok with me painting our dressers and night stand. I just don't know that he realized I meant as in NOW!

I decided that black furniture was not helping with a "bright and light" feel in there. Plus add to that our new delish bedding from West Elm and well, I couldn't help myself. So I thought I had multiple "before" shots, but alas I don't. So here is a little taste of what we were working with before hand!

I scored these three pieces at a yard sale at the end of the summer for $50! Two dressers and a nightstand, solid wood, dove tailed likey!

Again as a reminder, our bedding....dum dum dummmmmmm

I decided to keep the bed itself black and the nightstands are a washed out grey milk paint. I was struggling with an accent color for the gold of the bedding and I am totally digging TEAL! Love it and love it more against the bedding. I am already on the hunt for teal drapes. So without waiting any longer....

The painting itself was fairly straight forward. For info on this technique of distressing check here. Since the dressers were already painted black (satin finish), I just had to paint 3 thin coats of an eggshell white that we had leftover from the entryway project. There seems to be so much light already bouncing around the room and I am happy every time I see them.

After I find drapes (oh and I am totally recycling our current drapes to the nursery which is in major need of light blocking drapery), I am going to finish this project with some lighting. Since the Hubs is a verifiable mini Bob Vila, we opted against the builder installing lighting for us. Instead the Hubs will hard wire something once I find what I want. At first I was thinking I wanted an overhead fan. I am sort of sucker for one while I am sleeping. I have decided against it and instead am seriously contemplating this beaut for over the bed.

Drooling as we speak......


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