Monday, February 14, 2011

Why It Pays to be Married to Bob Vila Jr.

Well the doors are up on the media cabinet and I. AM. IN. HEAVEN. Just for the record, the Hubs built this piece with his own two bare hands (and our basement of tools). This is utterly amazing while inducing crazy jealousy because I only wish I could create something of this magnitude. So in our grand tradition of "If he builds it, I will decorate it", I am on the hunt for 4 knobs to finish the piece. And because I am in a good mood and overly excited by this area being finished, I am actually going bargain hunting at some shops I normally don't (enter, order their catalog, visit their websites) shop from due to the steep pricing: Anthropologie and Restoration Hardware. I am determined to find knobs to do this cabinet justice. Stay tuned and in the meantime let the oo-ing and ah-ing commence.....

Installing the doors, notice who is on the tv.

Left side doors are up!

Dum dum da da!!!

And to think it was built around the piece I found at the junk store!

Love me some crown.

Moulding on the base section too!

Complete with adjustable shelves.

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  1. Wow. I am so impressed. I think the Bob the Builder in the background is a nice touch!


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