Monday, February 21, 2011

Shared Family Bath Chair Rail

Whoops.....I know I said I would post pics yesterday of the bathroom and I totally forgot! We hosted a much overdue insanely great family dinner and I was simply too pooped to type! The bathroom looks phenomenal and, for about $8.00 in chair rail stock, we achieved the exact look we wanted.

Although we still have tiling the bathroom on our to do list, we can at least check this off the list (there is currently some dreadfully awful linoleum on the floor.....eek). The installation was super easy. There were only two corners that needed to be mitered, so all in all it was a cinch. One helpful recommendation if cutting your own pieces would be to draw a mock picture of the bathroom. Measure each length that is needed and write it on the drawing. This sketch will help when you want to make all your cuts at once. Then "dry fit" each piece by holding it in place to make sure it aligns properly before nailing it into place.

The dreaded "before" vanilla it was painful!

2 coats of Bison Brown paint up to 35 inches from the floor.

For whatever reason, I got a little excited in the corners and went way too high with paint.

WHOOPS...this is what the Hubs calls a "holiday".
After the chair rail was in place, I went around and filled in all of the nail holes and seams with wood putty. In order for rails and moulding to look polished and continuous, this is a necessary step that provides BIG rewards in the finished product. Next we sanded them down and used Benjamin Moore Dover White to paint the chair rail.

We love it and it is just the change up this shared family bath needed. The whole project only took about 2 hrs start to finish so I can't complain. Easy on the wallet and easy on our weekend! Plus it left plenty of time for partyin' at family Sunday dinner!!

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  1. I really like your bathroom :) What color paint did u use on the walls ???


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