Monday, March 7, 2011

Kitchen Sink Pendant

In my grand quest for a quirky, country kitchen sink pendant, I started to think about non-traditional lighting. Of course, the amazing artists and shop owners on Etsy have a constant flow of creative ideas for projects such as this. After doing an online search at DIY pendant lights, I came across quite a few posts on people making the Exeter Pendant Light from Pottery Barn. One in particular that I thought was FAN-tastic was the light created by Lauren and her Hubs over at Our Hiding Place. In comparison to the real one from PB, I think it looks great at a fraction of the cost. Inventive? Check! Clever? Check! Inspiring? Double Check!

So I started to research how to change a can light to a pendant light and was met with a barrage of a lot of jargon I didn't feel like sorting through. HAHA....yeah so I was feeling lazy....and when I started seeing something about turning off the breaker...blah blah lost me. Sooooooooo I dug a little deeper and discovered possibly the handiest little thing ever (again, why can't I think of stuff like this???)

Yes people! They actually sell a great product that screws into the recessed light! No major circuitry project here! Yippee!! Off to Lowe's I went and came home just under $20 lighter in the pocket.

So before the addition, our sink area (complete with clean dishes on the counter) looked a little plain. I am still pondering some looks for the window treatment, but until then....

Removed from the packaging.

There is a handy little sleeve that allows you to adjust the length of the pendant. A simple turn of the screwdriver and we had the desired length!

Pushing all the excess cord into the socket.

Pushing it flush to the ceiling.
There is also a little knob which is located just below the mount that allows you to tighten the mount flush to the ceiling. Genius!!

Mason Bell Jar

We did drill a large hole into the top of the bell jar. Lastly we just put in a 25 V light bulb for some soft light and added the glass jar!

I am trying to get a pic with the light on, but they keep coming out AWFUL!! Will post soon!


  1. How cool is that?!?! You've just solved a major design headache for me!

  2. The mason jar is fabulous! :)

    I'm your newest follower!
    ~ Amy
    Stop by sometime:

  3. I just found your blog from another site..I just finished looking at all of your posts and love your blog..You have some really awesome ideas..My favorite is the totes turned into pillows...Genius..Keep the posts coming..Can't wait to see what you come up with next..

  4. Thank you all so much! So glad you like it as much as we do! Now I need to figure out a window treatment!! Ahhhh!!!

  5. Just saw this and thought of you.

  6. @Monica-

    I love that site. How cool!! I love how she uses them as island lighting spaced out. Might be in our future too!

  7. It looks fabulous. I've just stumbled across your site and it's been a super big help. I'm trying to do something very similar using Pendant Lighting.

  8. @Mini

    Thanks Mini!! There are so many beautiful options out there! I have a few other spots in the house I am thinking about converting!


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