Sunday, March 13, 2011

Knock Off Pottery Barn Inspired Drapes

It sometimes astounds me when the easiest option ends up being the best one. Case in point, I have been really hesitating to choose a window treatment for our sliders leading out to the back yard (oh and by back yard, I mean the muddy, wet, brown, sorry looking, it's still not spring here yet area in back of our house). I wanted something that would tie in with the other drapes....I should mention here that there are 5 other windows in this space...HELLO open concept living! Since finding more drapes in the same pattern as the rest would be both a nightmare (bought the rest on clearance) and boring, I decided to step off the beaten path and make my own.

I really love the simplicity and tailored look of these drapes from Pottery Barn. Or maybe it is the view from these doors that sucked me in! Seriously though, the slider was screaming for a little love and I figured I could find a thrifty way to make these bad boys.

After contemplating different fabrics, I ended up going in the opposite direction with my "fabric" choice. Bed sheets....yes, peeps.....twin sized white bed sheets. They were cotton and I liked the feel of them in my hand and well...hey...why not, right? What really is there to lose?

They were $5.00 a sheet so I invested a whole 10 smackers and cautiously made my way to my ribbon drawer to pick out something fun.

Little sidenote here, I am a total ribbon-a-holic. I am that person that sees grosgrain on sale at the craft store and just "picks it up" on the whim that I will use it. And lo and behold, I actually DO USE IT!!

SO armed with my cute black grosgrain and some fabric glue, I headed down to the dining room table to spread out. **And I should note, that I did iron both sheets before applying the ribbon.**

After playing with some different ideas, I really liked the look of doubling the ribbon rather than one continuous thick stripe. Just a little detail, but I figured it would give it a little something to catch the eye.

I laid the sheet out and started dotting the back of the ribbon with my fabric glue. I worked in 5-10 inch sections of ribbon, dotting and then firmly pressing down along the seam of the sheet.

Small dots of glue.

1st Stripe

Once I had both stripes applied, I allowed for one hour of drying time. Next up, I attached some black drapery rings (coincidentally these were actually more expensive than the darn sheets!).  The sheets are 96 inches in length which is typically a great length for floor grazing drapes. That being said, you could easily just cut them to the length you need and glue a small seam along the bottom. Oh the beauty of fabric glue!

Love the clean light look.

Easy peasy!

For a total of $6.98 per panel, I was able to find a thrifty, but elegant option for our slider!! Now if I could just get the view through them to be a little more colorful! Boo hiss mud!


  1. What a great job you did on these..Very nice..

  2. ok so I have been thinking about doing this lately but I hadnt gotten around to checking the measurements on the sheets! Thanks for posting those! Sounds like that is very close to what I need!

  3. Hey there:)
    Popping over from the nester, LOVE those DIY drapes. Thank you so much for sharing both your ideas and the tutorials!


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