Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No Sew Kitchen Curtain

Good morning. The sun is shining. Everyone is healthy again! There is fresh snow on the ground.....ENTER RECORD SCREECHING.....yes, it snowed here. Just a measly few inches, but MAN did it throw me for a loop! I mean, we were celebrating the start of spring with weather in the high 60's this past weekend......Oh New England, you ole' sneak....So, my garden planting is back on hold for a little bit until we can see the ground again and I can set my stakes. More on that adventure later!

As for house projects, I finally got around to dressing the kitchen window. I have an idea of a window treatment that I want (also more on that later), but I was really needing something up there. I had extra fabric from the sheets I purchased to make my no sew Knock Off Pottery Barn drapes so I decided to make a small window treatment. I started by measuring out the window and deciding on a length. Once I had my measurements, I cut a piece of fabric of a twin flat bed sheet (purchased from Walmart, regularly $5, but I had a coupon). Using my trusty (sometimes you are too good to be true) fabric glue, I applied little dots along each edge and folded to fabric over to create a clean "seam" and rod pocket on the top of my fabric piece.

Creating a "seam".

Once it had dried I applied the same thin navy grosgrain along the edges as the PB knock offs.

At that point, I slid the curtain onto the tension rod I purchased. It was at this point that my brain started cranking and I was trying to figure out how I wanted it to hang. To eye ball it, I used some wooden clothespins to hold the fabric on the ends for the drape. And guess what.....I kind of liked the way it looked!

Going to live with it. Who knows, maybe this will stay. It's a little farmhouse and a little quirky, but it's super cute.


  1. I tried to sew a curtain once using a pattern, but it got too complicated for me, and I never finished it. I think I'll try this simple project instead!

  2. Kitchen is an important part of any house as family and friends gather for some good time. The right kitchen curtains allow you to relax and concentrate on your food and your kitchen looks good. Thanks a lot!


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