Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Walk In Closet Upgrade

Well since I occasionally like to beat a dead horse, I really wanted to paint cabana stripes a la our laundry room in our master bedroom walk in closet. The walls were white and bare.....not really giving a good vibe to pick out your outfit for the day! Hence it too became one of those spaces that stayed behind closed doors most of the time. Following the same protocol as the laundry room, I penciled in the stripes and then cut them in by hand. Oh and like any good post, here are the hideous and slightly depressing before shots!

Patching holes from a previous attempt at shelves.

So after taking almost everything out and getting the stripes cut in, I was starting to feel a lot better.

My trusty "ladder" also known as a windsor chair.
I was able to get these steps done before bed time and I went blissfully off to sleep knowing that it was already an improvement!

The next day, to save time and my right arm, I decided to use a roller to fill in the spaces. About 25 minutes later and I was LOVING the effect!

I know some people might not trust their hand to cut in the lines, so I am passing on a piece of great advice from one of my readers Carrie! She said to use frog tape when painting lines. There is a special chemical in the tape that bonds it to the wall to prevent any paint from seeping under the tape when painting over it. (at least that is the basic gist of it!) THANKS CARRIE!!

Next up was adding a little flavah!! I needed it too look like another room, a simple extension of our bedroom. It needed to feel cozy.....but be a fun place to get ready in the morning! I started by hanging up my bags. Using leftover baseboard, I cut small sections, painted them brown and added a glass knob for sparkle. They make really cute hangers.

Next up, I decided to steal my son's dresser (don't worry he has two and I was contemplating moving one out of his room anyways). I placed my DIY Sunburst Mirror in there and love the way it is all piecing together....oh and did I mention I LOVE the extra storage!

I added in some pics of the fam because I love looking at those sweet faces first thing in the morning!

On the near wall, where the clothes hang, I am thinking of hanging a curtain from the ceiling to "hide" the wardrobe. Not sure yet, but this was a vast improvement to me.

This is what it currently looks like.....

Much neater and organized. Phew...big sigh of relief has commenced! Whadya think??


  1. AHHHH I FREAKIN LOVE THIS! Girl, you are just full of talent and good ideas. Our closet is the most boring shade of "real estate beige". I think I might have to bust out the paint cans and a level soon.

  2. Wow! It looks so great! I so admire your can-do attitude too.

  3. i love this! it looks so great, and such a great idea to spruce up the closets! just because it's a closet, doesn't mean it shouldn't be as beautiful as the rest of the house! what color is that?

  4. Thanks so much everyone!! I cannot tell you how fun it is that these forgotten places have some pizazz now! I am trying to figure out the colors for both the laundry room and the walk in because the little sticker with the name was already peeled off when I bought them. There is a numerical code though, so I am hoping on my next visit to Lowe's (tomorrow, hahahaha) I can ask them! I sort of want to buy more of each for some furniture!


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