Thursday, March 17, 2011

DIY Pottery Barn Spring Branches

Spring is springing 'round these parts as evidenced by my kitchen window being slightly cranked open. It feels good to air things out in here. The bambinos have been under the weather the last few days which has equated to me not sleeping and being able to recite EVERY.SINGLE.WORD. of Finding Nemo. On the plus side, snuggling on the couch seems to do wonders for them (and me) and I guess there are worse things in the world than Dory.

So, chalk it up to my lack of sleep and the spring air, but I tackled some smaller projects while the lil' meatballs napped today. There have been a few projects out in the blogosphere that I have been itching to try and with my limited time frame, today became the perfect day to conquer them!

The first project is Pottery Barn inspired. How drool worthy are some of their spring displays? I am in heaven with all the soft muted colors and freshness of all of it. Makes me crave Easter and weather above freezing. Kara at Tizzi Lish created her own pear blossom sprigs which are AWESOME. I had already picked up some branches from the yard to display in a white pitcher I had, so I figured I was half way there! A stick of faux hydrangea from the good ole' Dollah Store and I was ready. I spray painted the twigs that I already had in a white satin spray paint I had leftover from another project.

Super easy and only needed one coat. Next I snipped off the hydrangea buds from the plastic stems. I found that they seemed a little more realistic if I cut them fairly close the actual bud.

Then I simply eyed each individual stem and started dropping a little dab of glue from my trusty hot glue gun in areas that I thought would naturally have a flower bud. I kept each one a little more sparse than the ones at Tizzi Lish.

**A little trick I often use when displaying branches or twigs is to fill the bottom of the pitcher or vase I am using with dried beans or rice. Instant stability for the branches and you can arrange them how you like!**

I used these twigs in two separate containers and I am loving the finished product! So THANKS Kara for your inspiration! Instant spring feeling in the house!


  1. So pretty! And you are super good to do a project whilst the kids are sick. Mine are sick and I'm also not sleeping and I've been dragging around here in my pjs all day. No dishes, no laundry, the kids are eating crackers for dinner.. Certainly no projects!

  2. Oh no....isn't it just the worse? This was our first major illness (ear infections and pneumonia) so we have literally been home bound for dayssssssssssssssss. I think I needed to do something simply because I am feeling stir crazy! Of course this means that as soon as this house is back on its feet, I will be a puddle on the floor! :)

  3. Oh and we had Goldfish for dinner tonight! HAHA!

  4. I am LOVING that ladder-like thing in the background of your picture! and your spring branches too! :)

  5. Hey Lauren!!

    I searched high and low around here for an antique apple picking ladder (considering we live in a 300+ acre apple orchard) and I finally scored this gorgeous one at a show this past Feb. I saw it right when I walked in and pounced. As I was leaving, more than one person looked over and said, "Oh you are the person who got the ladder!" Such a spectacular score!


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