Sunday, March 20, 2011

DIY Starburst Mirror

This was literally one of the most simple lil' projects that completely erupted from me having a bunch of crafting scraps. I was in the process of cleaning out my workshop and found a small round mirror from the Dollah Store. I dug a little deeper in the basket and found two bags of wooden skewer/dowely things and the ole' brain started churning. I really do love the kind of 1960's pop of these starburst mirrors I am seeing everywhere. After deciding on the horizontal yellow cabana stripes for the laundry nook, I immediately thought the silver starburst would really tie in.

I initially just laid out a bunch of dowels and started experimenting with different lengths to see what I liked.

I knew right away that I wanted it to feel fuller, so I just started filling in and tried to keep things symmetrical. I worked in groups of four. I would lay out four dowels across from each other and just kept working in a fan. I used our skill saw to cut the dowels to various lengths once I had the idea of what I wanted. Next up was simply firing up the hot glue gun and gobbing on glue anywhere I could fit it.

Figuring out how I wanted to arrange the dowels.

Glue get at me.
I created a hook to hang the mirror by forming a loop out of floral wire and using the glue gun to secure it to the back. Lastly, I used a metallic silver spray paint to finish off the look. **HINT: I placed blue painter's tape all over the mirror in strips. With a scalpel, I followed the edge of the mirror to remove the excess. This way I ensured that no spray paint would find it's way onto the mirror.**

Totally worth the 5 minutes it took me to arrange the dowels. For a total of $4, I think it makes a great statement in the laundry nook and really helps to tie it all together!


  1. That fabulous mirror goes so well against that wall, wow!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness! You are some kind of genius! That looks amazing.

  3. Love it! It looks like a million bucks!

  4. Oh, yes! Looks fabulous and for just $4, you made your laundry room look so stunning. Thanks for sharing. Btw, I've been receiving visitors from your blog and for that I'm so grateful. I'm just wondering if you have featured one of my projects or made mention of me for me to receive such an honor. Please enlighten me on it. Thanks. Btw, I'm your newest follower :)

  5. Thanks everyone so much! Sometimes I amazed at how great things turnout when creating on the cheap. :)
    Hey SJ- So psyched to hear people are traveling between our blogs. I love so many of your furniture transformations! I added you to my blog roll!


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