Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sunburst Mirror

I. LOVE. THIS. PROJECT. Cheap, easy, non time consuming. My inspiration came from The Nester. I was browsing the internet and kablam!

I really love how different it looks compared to the conventional starburst/sunburst mirrors out there. Plus at a total cost of $4 for the entire project, even if it blew up in my face it wasn't a loss! I found a small round mirror at the Dollar Tree. Since my mirror did not have a frame, I decided to create one with leftover sisal rope I had from my rope mirror project.

A little hot glue and some twine to finish off the area where I glued together the two ends of rope and I was left with this.

Next I folded a piece of computer paper in half and drew out the shape of the "rays" of my mirror. You can get creative here and make a shape that pleases your eye. By folding the paper in half, I ensured my template was even on both sides.

Then I made 12 copies of my ray template across 2 pieces of white, non-shiny poster board. After cutting each ray out, I folded each one in half to create an architectural look. This also let me clean up any edges that were uneven. The 12 I made on poster board were the longer rays. I also cut out 4 medium sized rays and 4 small sized rays out of white card stock. At this point you can play around with the layout of your rays in relationship to your mirror. Again this is totally up to you!

Playing with the layout.

Remember to work from the smaller rays out to the largest when gluing. Also, always work in fours (N,S,E,W) when applying the rays in layers. Apply hot glue to the flat end of the ray and start adhering them in the order you selected.

This was such an easy project and is motivating me to finally finish up my window treatments in our master bedroom. I am hoping to wrap up the master redo (yes, we have lived here for 6 months and I am re-doing our bedroom). Oh and did I mention the Hubs has a heart of gold and is going straight to heaven for putting up with me and our ever evolving home?


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