Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kid's Room Wall Banner

I cannot tell you how much I love this project. The best part was that my son helped me!

Recently I have become obsessed with the wall space above Bray's crib. I was contemplating a magnetic chalkboard wall, but after thinking about it, decided I wanted something to display his recent art work! As he becomes more and more interested in coloring and doodling, I thought an area to display his work where he could see it would be great. What a better spot than right above his bed?

He is completely coocoo for cocoa puffs over construction vehicles....dump trucks, excavators, backhoes, bull dozers...the list is endless. I wanted to incorporate that theme into this project so we hopped online and completed some Google image searches for different types of machines. I let him pick out some pictures that he particularly liked and printed them out onto card stock. Next I cut each picture out and with a little bit of crafting glue applied them to the ends of wood clothespins that I had leftover from a different project.

I wanted to personalize this banner with his name as well. Another quick search online and I located some free printable letters in various colors and styles. Again these were printed out on card stock.

I cut them out with different shaped borders and used colored pencils to enhance some of the colors. Lastly I simply hung some twine between two small nails (that I made sure were level). Now I can start hanging his artwork up using the clothespins and he is thrilled to see all of the tractors and bull dozers above his bed!

The possibilities for this project are endless. Instead of construction vehicles, you could do ballerinas, farm animals, dinosaurs ... you see my point. And the best part is that we can constantly change it up as he creates different pieces he wants displayed.


  1. What made you come up with this idea?? Good thinking!! I may see if I can use this idea for my basement sports room...ps. My TV stand is almost done (been workin on it with the building trades teacher at school). I don;t think I need to leave my name here for you to know who this is...haha. Super post! Missed it!

  2. This is not my style but there is one idea I love here, which is using wallpaper to define that dining area. It makes it really feel almost like a separate room, while still keeping the space open. I could see this being very well executed by someone else. Especially because an L-shaped interior is very common in apartments, and a lot of people are not quite sure how to tackle them.


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