Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sunnyside up!

Another weekend blazing by! The cubby project is temporarily put on hold due to overcrowding in the workshop. The Hubs is working on a few projects right now and I can't stand to add one more mess to his list! Especially considering I typically ask him a bazillion questions.....what do you think of this? Do you think this looks nice? How does this make you feel? Why are you looking at me like's a legitimate question? Etc etc etc.

In the meantime, I have a few smaller scale projects that I am trying to tackle. Today I made headway with two of the 4 projects on my TDL (to do list). My list is as follows:
1.) spray paint mismatched vases and old lamp for some accent color in the living room
2.) make sunburst mirror
3.) make burlap curtains for the master bedroom
4.) paint new curtains for the living room

Yes.....I said paint. Stay with me here folks. For starters, let's take a quick looky lou at the first item on the list. I have been feeling like our living room needed a secondary color that would pop a bit against the cream and light green. I kept waffling between a pop of yellow or orange. Yellow won out (and good thing because I already had some yellow "summer squash" spray paint). Mostly I went with yellow because of our cute sofa table that everyone seems to comment on when they come over.

It's cheery and in a never ending battle with the winter grey out our windows, I am liking it. I had an old lamp that was picked up at a yard sale and some mismatched vases lying around. (I always come home with's a sickness....really) A couple of coats and .....

Yard sale lamp.

Mismatched pottery and vases.

Plus, total bonus, I like how the pop of yellow in the media center brings out the chippy yellow paint on the antique planter up top. Lastly I found some old PB pillow covers and threw them on the couch to continue with my sunny  mood. So although it's a little monochromatic outside of our house, we've got COLOR inside!

HAHA my yellow PB pillows next to my $1 shopping bag tote pillow cover!

There you have it. Item #1 crossed off the list. On to #2!


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