Monday, January 24, 2011

Typography 101

You know a trend is really getting big when it starts effecting the masses. Everywhere I go lately I am seeing the influence of typography. Once a specialized occupation, digitization has allowed everyone from graphic designers to you know who to be able to create this form of art. I have always been attracted to using letters, words and symbols in my decorating (as evidenced from the "C" in the master, the "B" in Bray's room and you guessed it the "M" in Miles' room). Now it is expanded beyond just a letter and WAY beyond the basic applications. Recently I purchased the letters "eat" for the kitchen and it made me start to look at different ways typography is being used.....and needless to say I am hooked. This girl loves me an ampersand!

I am loving the chandelier. So quirky and offbeat, but a little bit of whimsy like that goes a LONG way.

I see this in my future. My very near......future.....moohahahahaha. I have seen these in many different finishes. What a cute way to display books on a dresser or sideboard. Even cuter in a little kids room.

Loving this ode to romance. All of the words on it signify a milestone and memory in a relationship. I would love this and I can see it used for parents and kids or best friends. Great gift idea!

How cool is this? Never would have thought of it, but love the idea. Would definitely be a one of a kind thing!

And of course, I too have started some typography using just Microsoft Word and some card stock. I wanted a centerpiece for Miles' bedroom on the newly painted wall above his crib. It's simple and I love it. I was thinking this would be such a cute gift for a baby shower!

Check out Etsy for great ideas and very reasonable pricing on typography prints. I am particularly loving the following:

I Adore Decor
Jennifer Ramos
The Paper Tray


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