Thursday, January 27, 2011

Organization Station

Hey party people! Good mood central over here so be warned. The kiddos are on the mend which means back to regular napping (= mommy can get to work)!

I have two quick projects that were completed today and although small in time and effort, they are big in other ways! The first was a nod to the post "Shut the Door!". I have been thinking about using a door in the bathroom to display items when....BAM! It hit me. I had a leftover antique shutter. It is the partner to the one I use by the front door to display cards and hold our daily mail. Some hanging nails and it was easy cheesy. What's better than it being easy? Me LOVING it.

And for my second project....drum roll please....seriously this is MAJAH! I organized all of my crafting supplies. I have a workshop in our basement for refinishing furniture and painting etc but I wanted a spot in the house where I could kick back, blog (eh hem) and sew or do whatever other crafty thing suited me! Our walk in closet which will some day become our master bath (one project at a time peeps) is big. Master bath type big and there is the most perfect nook for our future bathtub. Prior to today it was open space so I staked my claim while the Hubs was away. So now I can tuck away once the kiddos are asleep and tinker in my new space!

Old wine crates turned shelves.

The organization is killing a good way!

For now, I have a little farmer's table as my desk. Soon I am making a custom one!

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  1. Thanks for the organization tips! I am DESPERATELY in need!


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