Monday, January 24, 2011

Nursery Ideas

Although I love Pottery Barn Kids, I rarely can bring myself to spend that type of money on decor that will be outdated in the same year. Kids are ever changing in their likes (currently Big Lil' Man is into construction while Little Lil' Man is into spit up and rolling over). With all of the big boy redo action for Bray, I was feeling like Miles' room needed a little touching up. In the hopes of finding some inspiration, I started looking through some of the design rooms on the PB Kids website and fell in love with the picture display here.

The ticking border along the white accent stripe is adorable and plays into the baby theme, like a little stitched stuff animal. I liked it so much, I figured I would give it a whirl above the crib.

Before - Basic = Blah  

This was as simple a project as I could have hoped for, but ended up really giving a lift to his space. To start, I used a large level (6 ft) to draw a very light pencil line (one high and one low). Using flat interior wall paint in white, I cut in along the sides and lines. Following this I used a basic nap roller to fill in the middle space with the white. Since I didn't have any brown wall paint, I stopped into Lowe's and picked up a paint sample in "Chocolate Chip" brown. These sample sizes are the perfect amount and are only around $2. You cannot beat that price. Plus since so little was used on this project, I can have the remainder for crafting or other small wall paint projects. I used a small paint brush to create the "ticking" marks along the border.

Lastly I re-used the two prints I already had and added in a home made typography print with Miles' name to center the wall.

Adorable print given as a gift at my baby shower.

Home made typography. Love it!

The finished product.

Cute, right? Me likey!!


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