Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shut The Door!

Starting to wonder if I am crazy because I am finding stuff left and right that I want to try and some of it seems a little coo coo cachoo. Example A:

Chalkboard paint on a door? Let's dissect this for a moment......totally cute, really easy, not expensive....but is it practical, would it look ridiculous and if it doesn't work, will it be a disaster? Thoughts to ponder.....

Example B:

Sticking with the door theme. In no way shape or form do I have the room in our shared bath for this, BUT (can you hear my brain wheels turning) we do have an as yet unfinished master bath.....moohahahahaha.

Ahhhhhhh now I have some things to consider......I like the idea of the door leading to the basement being done in chalkboard paint. Or even the back of the boy's doors in their bedrooms. Options, options, options!


  1. And now chalkboard paint comes in many colors. How about magnetic paint!? That way you can stick stuff to it!

  2. I like what you're gettin' at! Well that officially adds it to my "Git It Done" category of projects.


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