Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Love(s)

Since Oprah has an entire show dedicated to her favorite things, I figure why can't I throw in a little post about some of my favorite things. Two in particular.

For starters, is anyone else as obsessed with Jules' house on Cougartown as I am?? I literally watch religiously and try and pick out little things here and there that make me swoon. In particular, I adore the letter blocks that spell out EAT in her kitchen.

In an effort to make this look my own, I started looking around online for similar lettering. Although I was considering buying wood letters and painting them, I soon discovered exactly what I was looking for.

Again Anthropologie hooked it up....and this time at an affordable price. They are a great size and the fabric is beautiful. I found the vintage spoon and fork on Etsy and the look came together.

Speaking of GAWJUS other "new" favorite thing is this great storage trunk from Target. I was itching to create a dressing area in our master bedroom. This bench is the perfect addition to not only add color, but functionality. I can fit 15 sweaters in this thing! Worth every penny and comes in a variety of colors. This is a must on my favorite things list!

How great is this print?


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